May 2020



Pancious pancious, In the spirit of inviting everyone to take an extraordinary culinary journey, brings the concept of a casual restaurant dedicated to serving the best food and extraordinary dining experiences for every customer. After more than 8 years in the market, is still relevant and fresh for their current customers who are constantly facing […]

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Sour Sally

Sour Sally

Sour Sally Sour Sally carried out business development by launching the Sour Sally Mini franchise in the year 2012. Sour Sally Mini comes with a 3×3 meter outlet concept located in a non-premium place with high traffic and affordable products for the middle segment. After 7 years of establishment, Sour Sally was rejuvenated with a

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Gelato bar lumitech solution

Gelato bar

Gelato bar Gelato bar, The Scoullis family founded the Hellenic Patisserie and Gelato Bar in 1977 which were initially traded as Hellenic Bakery and Cakes. In 2016, this shop developed into a specialty pastry shop with a variety of sweets available, the addition of homemade gelato and of course preserves our sweets and typical Hellenic

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birdcage Birdcage It’s time to move, from the busy Manali Tua route, to an environment that offers peace and tranquility. And, we found the perfect place, a beautiful garden in Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand, which not only offers a calm environment, but also a view that will make every day perfect. What made us fall in love

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Chop Buntut

Chop Buntut

Chop Buntut Starting from a heritage recipe that is a family favorite, Cak Yo’s food has always been a mainstay and a reason for family and friends to gather. With discipline, Cak Yo always maintains the perfect quality of his family’s recipes. For oxtail soup, from choosing fresh meat, vegetables and herbs to the correct

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Takemori Lumitech Solution


Takemori more than three years for Bryan to be able to feel positive results from the Japanese restaurant business, Takemori, which he developed under the banner of PT Takemori Indonesia. Bryan even almost went bankrupt for failing to improve Takemori’s performance in his first two years. However, by analyzing and studying these failures, the man

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