penang village

Penang Village

Penang Village, one of the restaurants that offers Malaysian food menus, has good food from Malaysia, just follow the reviews, friend.

Order Menu:

Fat Rice

It tastes: this fat rice itself is authentic like uduk rice. Rice cooked with coconut milk so that it tastes good, complete with anchovy cucumber and chili sauce, beef and chicken are provided for it meat. It tastes nice and soft: 9 sambal is really spicy according to Darkx13 so if you are not strong, don’t be spicy.

Atmosphere and Service: The place is a cool and distinctive design very different from other places, once entered we will be treated the same a totally different atmosphere, a table and chairs together carpet and wallpaper. All the servants in uniform and they work fast. Friendly people serving around 10 minutes for 4 menu orders

Overall Darkx13 gave me a score of 8.3/10 for this Penang village

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penang village

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