Takemori Lumitech Solution



more than three years for Bryan to be able to feel positive results from the Japanese restaurant business, Takemori, which he developed under the banner of PT Takemori Indonesia.

Bryan even almost went bankrupt for failing to improve Takemori’s performance in his first two years. However, by analyzing and studying these failures, the man born in Makassar on June 21, 1979 was able to make the restaurant survive.

Even the following year, he was able to open a new branch in Senayan City in 2006 (moved to Bellagio in 2011) and Grand Indonesia a year later. Takemori not only survives, but also becomes a profitable brand with a turnover of hundreds of millions every month.

“I am confident in my efforts at Takemori. By learning from previous mistakes, slowly this business can run well and will be profitable,” Bryan said when met at Grand Indonesia recently.

The marketing master at one of the US private universities really wanted to be an entrepreneur from the start. Not surprisingly, after completing his education in the land of Uncle Sam, Bryan immediately tried his luck in the restaurant business.

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