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  • The most flexible Point of Sales System (POS) without monthly subscription fee
  • Support Kitchen Printer, Bar Printer and also Kitchen Display Monitor
  • Easy To Use and User Friendly Interface
  • Full Featured
  • Easy to Use

Quinos POS (Point of Sales) System is very intuitive and easy to use. All buttons are designed big and bold so you can access it easily and fast.​

  • Complete Functionality

Quinos POS (Point of Sales) System is equipped with complete functionalities to help you run your establishment effectively and efficiently.

  • Secure and Reliable

Powered with the latest Java technology to enables to run on multi platform and SQL database to make sure your data is secure.

Complete Features: Awesome POS System

Quinos Point Of Sale System comes with a complete set of features to help you run your business. It’s the only POS System you’ll ever need.



table Lumitech Solution Quinos

Flexible Table Layout

Quinos POS System is a Restaurant Software that suitable for use in restaurants with Dine In and table service concept, because the layout of tables in restaurants can be added to the software in accordance with the original. Each table also has a different color code so we know the status of each table. Whether it is empty, filled, or currently under payment (billing process). Quinos Software Restaurant can also divide the table layout into several sections, such as Indoor and Outdoor, Smoking or Non-Smoking, and also 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, and 3rd Floor.

Fast Food Lumitech Solution Quinos

Fast Food / Quick Order

The Quinos POS software is also suitable for use in fast food restaurants such as food courts, bubble tea. Where the concept is Take Away Services. Cashiers can immediately enter orders from customers without having to open the table first.

Order Modifier Lumitech Solution Quinos

order modifier

Quinos POS System has a modifier function, which is a note on the order, for example guests order 1 glass of ice tea without sugar, or 1 plate of oxtail soup without leeks. With this modifier function, the waiter can easily add notes to the order.

Back Office Lumitech Solution Quinos

Back Office

The Back Office program can be accessed at your restaurant, or from your office / home via an internet connection (long distance). The functions of the Back Office program are as follows:
– Item Maintenance (adding menus or changing prices)
– Discounts Maintenance (set discounts, promotions, or happy hours)
– Payment Method Maintenance (change or add payment methods)
– Staff Maintenance (adding staff or replacing your staff data)
– Sales Settings (change your POS settings such as tax rate, service charge rate, etc.)
– Safety Maintenance (set authorization from every staff in your restaurant)
– Department and Category Maintenance (manage sales classification for each item to appear on the report)
– And many more

Report Lumitech Solution Quinos

Complete Back Office Report

– Quinos POS restaurant software comes with a very comprehensive report list. Each report can be generated on daily basis, weekly, monthly, or even the period that we set ourselves. Each Back Office report can be exported to a number of common formats such as Microsoft Excel, CSV, TXT File, PDF, and HTML.
Some reports from the Back Office software are:
– Item Sales Report (Sales reports per item / product)
– Sales Summary Report (Sales summary report for a certain period)
– Payment Summary Report
– Payment Details Report (Report on receiving payment details per bill)
– Discount Summary Report
– Employee Performance Report (Sales report of each staff)
– Hourly Sales Report (Hourly Sales Report)
– Daily Sales Report
– Customer Spending Report (Sales Report per customer)
– Outstanding AR Report (AR report that has not been paid in full)
– Top Item Report (Most popular Item Sales Report)
– Employee Performance Report (Report of the most selling staff)
– And many more report formats

Quinos Point Of Sale System comes with a complete set of features to help you run your business. It’s the only POS System you’ll ever need.

Auto Email

Quinos POS automatically send Summary Sales Report every day, you can even configure it per shifts, or even per hour.

HQ Consolidated Report

All sales transaction are automatically synced back to the HQ so you will have a consolidated report from all your outlets.

HQ Centralized Data

HQ Module allows you to manage all your outlets from 1 location. All data are automatically synced from your head office to all outlets via internet.



Take reservations via a POS station terminal and manage with a built-in reservation modules in Quinos POS System


Stock Management

Quinos will deduct your stock each time an item is sold according to the recipe, this will help you to maintain your stock level at any time and never run out of anything


Why Choose Us?

LUMITECH SOLUTION has been working at the point of sales system for more than 5 years and is very experienced with the POS System and computer base cash register. Our goal is to present creative solutions that will help you scale up your business and always keep the Point of Sale (POS) System convenience and up to date with current technology. Not only that, we will also provide more benefits such as:

one time payment Lumitech Solution Quinos

One Time Payment

We apply Purchases only once. Payments don’t have to Subscribe or Pay Monthly,
Services Lumitech Solution Quinos

24 hour service

Of course we will provide 24-hour service even if only one time payment.
No Internet Lumitech Solution Quinos

No internet connection

No Problem. The POS System will still be running smoothly even if you have no internet connection available.
What Our Client Say

Don’t take our word, hear from our clients. Client happiness is our top priority.

We have many outlets, and we chose Lumitech Solution as our partner to provide cashier application, because the system can handle many outlets and helping to calculate the sales revenue at each of our outlets. In addition, each customer can also get points that can be used again at other outlets. Indeed this is what we need.
The Quinos cash register program is easily accessible, easily inspected by branches. In terms of features it is very complete, easy to use. Talking about service is also very satisfying and quick to respond when there are obstacles. Thanks to Lumitech Solution.
our client
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