Gelato bar

Gelato bar lumitech solution

Gelato bar

Gelato bar, The Scoullis family founded the Hellenic Patisserie and Gelato Bar in 1977 which were initially traded as Hellenic Bakery and Cakes. In 2016, this shop developed into a specialty pastry shop with a variety of sweets available, the addition of homemade gelato and of course preserves our sweets and typical Hellenic style cakes which are all made at home by our talented pastry chefs.

We are currently located at 371 Illawarra Road, Marrickville in the heart of western Sydney. We are a family owned business that also serves parties through our delicious offerings including our cooks, slow roasted lamb, pork and potatoes to order.

From gelato cakes to traditional Greek sweets, we can serve all foodies and tastes. Contact us at (02) 9559 2701 to arrange custom-made cakes or stop by the store to buy and enjoy your favorite sweets with traditional Greek coffee or Frappe to add to the Hellenic experience.

Gelato bar

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