pancious, In the spirit of inviting everyone to take an extraordinary culinary journey, brings the concept of a casual restaurant dedicated to serving the best food and extraordinary dining experiences for every customer.

After more than 8 years in the market, is still relevant and fresh for their current customers who are constantly facing new choices in the market.

Over time, has become more mature and committed to presenting a new era with a completely new look and atmosphere for its customers. The new Pancious logo represents all that has done and what will continue to be applied.

The handwritten word ‘pancious’ represents our original recipe made from scratch. The free flow that creatively spins to a typical P – a Pancious signature letter – also shows the finishing touches given to the food presentations served to our customers. Red & black symbolize the passion we have for food & our courage in a constant effort to create a new menu.

Thus, the market is a new concept of Pancious. It was created to let become a place to meet people, exchange ideas and sensory pleasures. With detailed feature elements, wall charts, and visual market structuring elements in each corner of the outlet, the market atmosphere is incorporated into the new Pancious.

With this effort to provide the best, will continue to grow as a strong brand and expand its presence in cities locally, and finally abroad.

Defeat and challenge yourself by providing warmth, freshness, and new dreams that are nearing perfection.